Famous Monkeys Through History
Dr. Gori and Karis space ape-man Spectreman was a cyborg from space who was sent to the Earth to battle the evil space ape-man Dr. Gori and his gorilla henchman Karis in their attempts to take over the Earth. Doctor Gori, a kind of Dr. Zaius with blue skin and penchant for pink shirts, couched his desire for conquest in political terms. (Hey, it WAS the seventies.) He claimed that humanity had polluted the Earth and therefore lost its right to the, as the tree-huggers say, stewardship of the planet blah blah blah. Anyway, no matter how noble his stated intentions were, Dr. Gori still used the same barrage of giant monsters and super-weapons as Rodak and the Gargoyle Gang had used before him.
Mr Teeny Cartoon monkey From the Simpsons, Krusty the Klown's monkey sidekick
Mojo Cartoon monkey Homer Simpson's friend. Pray for Mojo
Furious George Cartoon monkey Knife yielding brawler from the Simpsons. Quoth Moe: "He ain't so pretty anymore"
Mojo Jojo Cartoon monkey Mortal enemy of the Powerpuff girls (sorry for the delay Lisa)
Debbie Chimp Lost in Space alien character played by a chimp
Grape Ape Cartoon Giant Ape Hanna-Barbera Laugh-O-Lympics participant
Magilla Gorilla Cartoon Gorilla Star of his own Hanna-Barbera show
Igoo Cartoon rock ape Star of the Hanna-Barbera show Herculoids. IGOO was the rock ape that had strenght an cunning as his weapon and was Tara's best friend and protector.
Blip Cartoon monkey Star on the Hanna-Barbera show "Space Ghost". Space Ghost and his friends Jace, Jan and Blip were protectors of the universe.
Marcel Capuchian monkey monkey who starred in 8 episodes of Friends
Bingo Goofy Gorilla One of the four hosts of The Banana Splits Show, a Hanna-Barbera semi-live action show that debuted in 1968

Bear Chimp BJ's "partner" on BJ and the Bear (power to the primates!!!). Source of name:The producers of the show had orginally intended to have a action show that starred a truck drive and a 450 lb grizzley bear. This idea was short lived after the grizzley bear maimed and ate several other "would be" stars. The producers then decided to go with a much smaller and safer animal, a 24lb chimapanzee. However "BJ and the chimpanzee" sounded more like a show about a circus rather than title for a action oriented TV show. Thus, the producers decided to stick with "BJ and the Bear".
Cheetah Chimp Tarzan's "friend" (power to the primates!!!)
Nkima Cartoon monkey Tarzan's "friend" (power to the primates!!!)
Gleek Cartoon "friend" of Zan and Janna on Superfriends (power to the primates!!!)
(aka Senpei)
Cartoon Speed Racer's "friend" (power to the primates!!!)
Cha-Ka Evolved Ape Land of the Lost Star
Yank Chimp Guest star on The Tick animated series. Irradiated to get super genius level. Good guy

Monkey Cartoon The star of Dexter's Laboratory special episode "Dial M for Monkeys". Star of "The Justice Friends". By day he's regular monkey, living a simple life in Dexter's Laboratory but when evil is about, he becomes the Intergalactic Defender of the Universe. Utilizing many powerful abilities he fights the supernatural evil doers of the cosmos, with his unlimited powers he smashes, pummels and zaps all villains. HE IS MONKEY!

special episodes:
1 Magmanamus: Monkey must defend a city from a giant lava creature - Magmanamus.
2 Rasslor: Intergalatic Wrestling Champ, Rasslor, challenges all of Earth's heroes to a wrestling match, including Monkey.
3 Simian: A super transformed space chimp, Simian, tries to get Monkey help him destroy the Human race.
4 Barbequor: Monkey has to save the planet from becoming Barbequor's giant shish-kabob.
5 Orgon Grindor: Monkey is hypnotized to do evil by Organ Grinder.
6 Huntor: Monkey finds himself fighting for his life against Huntor on a jungle asteroid.

Sal Chimp Muppet bodyguard to Johnny Fiamma (The world's Greatest Singer).
Favorite quote: "Who's my stinky little monkey?"
J. Fred Muggs Chimp Dave Garroway's lovable chimpanzee sidekick on the original Today show, was actually a nasty ol' critter who once knocked a March of Dimes poster girl off her crutches. The garrulous Garroway, meanwhile, would psych himself for each show by consulting what he called the Doctor--liquid codeine, which he would swig daily before airtime.
Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp
Lancelot Link Chimp Secret Chimp star of his own live action show Lancelot Link. Member of A.P.E. (Agency to Prevent Evil), battling against C.H.U.M.P.
Mata Hairi Chimp Lancelot Link's Girlfriend. A.P.E. agent
Darwin Chimp Lancelot Link's genius inventor of devices (a Q type). A.P.E. agent
The Baron Chimp C.H.U.M.P. agent. The Baron
Creto Chimp C.H.U.M.P. agent. The Baron's right hand chimp, and chauffer
Ali Assa Seen Chimp C.H.U.M.P. agent. Middle East Head of CHUMP, Terrorist of the Year 1991
Dragon Woman Chimp C.H.U.M.P. agent. First Lady of CHUMP, crowned "Miss Chump 1923". Secret lover of The Baron
The Duchess Chimp C.H.U.M.P. agent for 25 years. Ex-wife of The Baron
Dr. Strangemind Chimp C.H.U.M.P. agent. Head of Evil Research Division of CHUMP,Invented the Exploding Banana-rama-up-the-Apes-Butt Bomb
Wang Fu Chimp C.H.U.M.P. agent. Head of Asian office, Terrorist of the Year 1990