Famous Monkeys Through History
Curious George Drawing Children's tutor into inquisitive behavior

and Mazaru
just monkeys Three wise monkeys of lore who "See no evil (Mizaru), hear no evil (Mikazaru), and speak no evil (Mazaru)"
Devil Drug Monkey statuary SCORES of customs officers have been hurt by a wooden "devil monkey" cursed by an African witch doctor, it was revealed yesterday. The medicine man cast a spell on the hollowed-out statue after he was caught using it to try to smuggle drugs into Britain from Ghana. The 1ft figure - dubbed the devil monkey by customs staff as it contained the Satanic number of 666 grammes of cannabis - was stored in a warehouse at Dover, Kent. But since then countless officers have been injured as they: PICKED up painful splinters while handling the sinister statue. GOT clobbered on the head by the monkey as it mysteriously toppled off shelves, or TRIPPED over it as it slipped into their path on the floor. Customs spokesman Nigel Knott said last night: "It is cursed - and very dangerous." The monkey, looking like a mother with four babies, was posted to Britain by the witch doctor - a Ghanaian Rastafarian.
Fiben Bolger "uplifted" chimpanzee protagonist of David Brin's The Uplift War (1987). A neo-chimpanzee ecologist and lieutenant in the colonial militia.
Jeffrey "uplifted" chimpanzee Character in David Brin's Sundiver (1980). Pilot of an ill-fated solar probe (what did they expect?).
Space Monkey Drawing protagonist in stories by the creator of Mr. Lunch
Hindu Vanara Pantheon (from Vedic texts)

Hanuman Vanara God of the Monkeys. Servent of Rama
Vali Vanara Vanara ruler
Sugreeva Vanara Vali's brother. Successor to Vali
Angada Vanara Vali's Son. Successor to Sugreeva
Jambavaan Vanara Mighty Warrior
Sushena Vanara Doctor
Nala Vanara Engineer