Famous Monkeys Through History
Comic Books
Monkeyman Comic Part of Action Duo "Monkeyman and O'Brien"
Zephir Comic Babar the elephant's best friend
Jocko Comic Herge (Tintin creator) team of Jo, Zette, and Jocko
< /a> Rudy Comic "The Thinking Man's Chimp". A washed up Hollywood wannabe JC.

Cygor Cyborg Gorilla Comic book hero
Optimus Primal Transformer Transformers Beast Wars Transmetals 2 Mega
Gorilla Grodd Cartoon Gorilla Arch Nemesis of Superfriend's member The Flash (also appeared on the TV show Superfriends)
Titano Cartoon Super Ape Combatant of Superman in Superman #138. To quote Superman: "King Kong was only a make-believe menace--but Titano is real...and his Kryptonite vision prevents me from capturing him!"

Sam Simeon Gorilla The ape half of the DC comic Angel and the Ape. Revealed in a 1991 miniseries to be the grandson of Gorilla Grodd.
Horton "Butch" Weaver Cartoon ape Character in Scott McCloud's Zot! Older brother of Zot's girlfriend Jenny. Butch was turned into a chimpanzee by De-Evolutionary terrorists. He reverts to his monkey form whenever he visits Zot's world.
Bubbles Cartoon ape From dragonball, King Kai's monkey companion (named, of course, after Michael Jackson's special friend).
Son Goku Cartoon Super Ape Hero of Akira Toriyama's Dragonball. Loosely based on the Chinese legend of Songoku the Monkey King. Like all natives of the planet Saiya, Goku turns into a gigantic ape-beast when he sees the full moon.
Ben Davis Cartoon Chimp Clothing Magnate